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Clinical Director – Raise – Massachusetts

We believe the American workplace is broken, and we have the tools and the team to fix it. We partner with employers to give their employees access to clinicians who connect them with the mental health and work life supports they need. We are a young technology company that is growing and moving quickly. Our end-users are at the center of our product. To that end, we keep the clinician at the center of our work, and use technology to assist and augment their work. Our product is practioner-informed, and will touch the lives of tens of thousands of end-users to access the supports they need.

This job is remote. We are looking for a talented Clinical Director to join our team and help us build a product to reimagine the employee wellness space. You will be at the forefront of our company and will build and lead a team of Employee Assistance counselors, and develop and implement clinical offerings. We use technology to augment, not replace clinicians. We firmly believe humans must be at the center of this interaction. This role is well-suited to someone who leads with empathy and enjoys building new things. You have deep clinical experience in providing short-term and long-term solutions, and have led team in the past. A person who excels in this role is has passion and vision for innovating in the employee wellness space, and the skillset to execute this vision. Clinical management experiences is crucial, and an affinity for working with product/tech teams is valuable.

  • Autonomous and comfortable with ambiguity.

  • Experience building and managing clinical staff
  • Ability to understand the existent universe of EA services. Familiarity with varied clinical approaches

  • Experience with triage/referral/short-term, solution based counseling and ability to assess this skill in others

  • A creator. Does not just apply what they know; but also constantly interrogates how it can be better.

  • Ability to inform, receive, and translate information between client and product leads
  • People- oriented. Our end-user is at the center of your work. You enjoy teaching and mentoring your staff.

  • Data literacy- ability to think about how the data we collect can be structured, and reported on. Ability to create data dashboards that are user friendly and promote positive company improvement for the client.
  • Recruit, train, and manage a team of EA counselors

  • Develop training for EA counselors and affiliates, scale that for consistent application. This training should move trainees towards a consistent culture and quality of service provision.
  • Lead a team of clinicians to support clients through our product

  • Work with the design team to build a product that supports client outcomes and clinician ease-of-use

  • Ensure client success!

  • Competitive Salary

  • Paid medical, dental, and vision insurance

  • Unlimited vacation days and sick days

  • Technology (hardware, software, reading materials, etc..) allowance

  • A benefits allowance to allocate toward additional benefits as you see fit

  • The opportunity to shape an entire industry and create a product that touches millions of people

Who we are:
Our founding team is composed of women, immigrants, and Texans. Our motto is “the company is the product”, and our people are our most valuable assets. We recognize and embrace that diversity of lived experiences is essential and makes us stronger. To us, this means a commitment to equitable representation, at every layer of the company. We encourage folks from marginalized and underrepresented communities to apply.

What we ask of you:
We have a “do what you need and do what it takes” culture. We have high expectations and hopes for you. If you need to fit in a workacation in order to produce your best work, by all means, go for it. We don’t care about where you’ve come from, we care deeply about who you are and what you will do.

We are hiring Software Engineers, Designers, and Clinicians. If you know of talented candidates who want to come build with us- send them our way!

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