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Assistant Professor – Florida A&M University – Tallahassee, FL

The Assistant Professor has the ultimate responsibility for planning and implementing quality professional practice experiences (PPE) for students in the Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM) academic program that fulfill the mission of the program and the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education Standards for Baccalaureate Degree Programs in Health Information Management. The Assistant Professor will work in partnership with selected health care facilities/organizations within the State of Florida and throughout the United States to provide quality experiences to prepare graduates for full participation in the HIIM professional community; Professional Practice Experience learning experiences also include teaching courses in the area of Health Informatics and Information Management. This faculty position requires scholarly research and advisement active

Expands and manages Professional Practice Experience practice sites and determines the maximum placement count according to the program’s affiliation agreements and the organizations’ ability to accept students; Attends local, state, and national HIM meetings to network with people working in the HIM domain in the State of Florida and throughout the United States; Works with the HIIM Advisory Committee and other communities of interest to identify PPE sites and enhance the quality of the student’s Professional Practice Experience; Determines if students can visit Professional Practice Experience sites away from the local vicinity of the program by discussing the ability to stay with family or friends; Researches healthcare facilities and nontraditional sites located in the identified area; Communicates with HIM professionals at the potential sites to determine if the student would receive a quality experience; Establishes a working relationship with the Professional Practice Experience site by processing the affiliation agreement; Holds an annual workshop or meeting with PPE site managers to review expectations for experiences during the upcoming academic year; Establishes and monitors procedures for Professional Practice Experience education and evaluation; and updates and provides a PPE handbook for students and PPE site managers. In advance of student assignment, contacts the site manager where the student is assigned and reviews dates, expectations, agreements, and student contact information; Communicates with the site manager periodically during the student’s PPE. 13; and visits the Professional Practice Experience site during the student’s PPE. If unable to visit in person due to location or funds, contacts student and site manager by e-mail or phone.

Sends a letter of appreciation for support of the academic development of future HIM; Practitioners and provides CEUs within the CCHIIM’s guidelines to credentialed HIM; Practitioners at the site who worked with the student.

Encourages students completing their PPE to send handwritten, personal thank you notes to individuals who contributed to their PPE; Provides guidance in Professional Practice Experience projects assigned by PPE site managers; and performs other duties as assigned by the Division Director.

The Assistant Professor will be responsible for the courses that correlate with all PPE and Internship Experiences, as well as courses with students’ professional development and other courses as needed; Develops instructional materials, including course plans, objectives, audiovisual aids, lab activities, and evaluation tools; Advises students relative to their matriculation and academic performance; Maintains appropriate documentation of advisement; and serves as one of the Advisors to the Student Health Information Management Association.

Engages in scholarly research or creative activities in the field of health information management, education, or related areas; Participates in appropriate division, school, and university committees; and participates in community activities and professional organizations to advance the profession, Program, School, and University.

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