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Mobile Phlebotomist (Contract) – ExamOne, A Quest Diagnostics Company – Fairview, OK

Part-Time-Contract Position – Fairview, Alva, and Western Oklahoma.

The position requires completing work including insurance exams, specialty draws, and wellness events on a mobile basis.

Position Duties:

  • Position requires that you travel to an appointment location for an in-person visit with insurance applicants, patients, and wellness participants to gather information including physical measurements, blood draws, UA’s, and taking a medical history, that may be completed on a an iPad.
  • Process paperwork and ship specimens.
  • Requires the use of a computer or mobile device to access and status cases and a printer to print all of the required paperwork.

Minimum Requirements and Skills:

  • Requires excellent phlebotomy skills and medical training including the ability to use a manual BP cuff and stethoscope. EKG experience preferred but not required.
  • Must be detail-oriented, have excellent customer service and communication skills, and present a professional appearance. Must be able to legibly complete required paperwork.
  • Must have a computer or mobile device to access the internet and a printer to print required paperwork.
  • Must pass Background Check and Drug Screen.

Please Contact ExamOne, 2408 N Geraldine Ave, Oklahoma City Ok 73107, Ph# 405-942-4888 Fax# 405-946-0332.

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