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Truck Un-Loader – $11.25 / h – Alsco – New Castle, DE

Classification: Non-Exempt

2nd Shift

Job Summary:
The Truck Unloader moves route vehicles to the loading dock, unloads soiled linen, moves vehicle back, hangs bags of soiled linen onto rail/conveyor system, sorts linens into different bins and transfers them to other departments or areas of facility. Performs other tasks as needed.

Essential Functions:

  • Safely move vehicles to loading area, unload, and move vehicle back.
  • Sort and transfer product to different areas of facility.
  • Hang bags of soiled linen onto rail/conveyor system.
  • Assist sort/count workstations as needed.
  • Meet efficiency and safety standards for the position.
  • Follow instructions as directed by supervision.
Additional Functions:

  • Work in other production positions as needed.
  • keep work area clean


  • Comprehend and follow direction.
  • Recognize colors, sizes and different product.
  • Meet physical requirements of job.
  • Keep a valid drivers license and good driving record.
Typical Physical Activity:

  • Physical Demands consist of standing, walking, reaching overhead, pushing, pulling, grasping, constantly lifting up to 100 lbs., hearing, seeing and stooping.
  • Physical Requirements consist of being able to meet the physical demands for the entire shift.
Typical Environmental Conditions:

  • Production areas of a typical industrial laundry facility, which includes variations in temperature, odors, humidity, lint and dust. Most work is performed outside at the loading dock. Soiled linens come from a variety of customers such as restaurants, hotels, medical facilities and shops.
Travel Requirements:


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