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PATIENT TRANSPORTER – LATROBE HOSPITAL – Excela Health Corporate Services – Latrobe, PA

Job Summary:

Hospital-wide, as a member of a Transport TEAM, provides timely individual patient transport via wheelchair or cart, primarily for designated inpatients and occasional outpatients, transporting patients for designated testing, therapy, treatment, pre or post-operative care or admission/discharge. Shift assignment of patient transporter employees is pre-set by the Patient Transporter, Supervisor, who also performs dispatching duties throughout the day-shift (peak transport times) via cell phone to each TEAM patient transporter. Responsible to coordinate patient transport with assigned charge nurse (inpatient) or technician and then safely and efficiently transport the patient, IV equipment, monitoring equipment, the medical record and oxygen equipment as required with any assigned transport. In addition, job assignments may include stock maintenance/distribution of oxygen tanks and regulators to assigned departments in the hospital. May be required to lift/transfer 30# or greater utilizing assistance and or applicable patient lift equipment provided.

Actively promotes a Lean work culture by performing team member duties to encourage consistent use of LEAN principles and processes, including continually seeking work process improvements. Recognizes the necessity of taking ownership of one’s own motivation, morale, performance and professional development. Strives for behavior consistent with being committed to Excela’s missions, vision and values.


Essential Functions: Defined as duties specific to the job, that, if removed, would change the entire purpose of the job; to include the Essential Physical Demands and Essential Working Conditions of this position.

I. Core Essential Functions:

  • Regular, consistent, on-site, and timely attendance.
  • Introduces self to patient and explains transport plan and destination.
    • States own name and describes mode of transportation being used and destination to patient.
    • Retrieves patient’s nurse if patient has questions regarding tests/therapy where they are being transferred to.
    • Obtains permission from patient’s nurse to transport patient off floor for testing/procedure
  • Provides for appropriate mode of transportation considering the patient’s condition, comfort, and any safety factors.
    • Uses critical thinking skills to determine mode of transport.
    • Contacts nursing staff with questions related to transport and gets a ticket-to-ride (TTR) signed by registered nurse (RN).
    • Coordinates tasks when able.
    • Anticipates problems and follows through.
  • Transfers patient to/from cart, wheelchair, or other transport vehicle according to procedure and is knowledgeable and effectively operates transport equipment.
    • Maintains proper body mechanics.
    • Uses patient lift equipment.
    • Seeks assistance when necessary, i.e. carts, electronic devices, etc.
  • Identifies patient prior to transport.
    • Asks patient to state their name.
    • Checks patient identification bracelet.
    • Alerts staff when patient’s bracelet is missing.
  • Records patient transport on the Daily Transportation Log on the patient care unit and in the ancillary department.
    • Checks transport log.
    • Obtains patient chart for all transfers (and plate when necessary).
    • Completes all required paperwork.
  • Determines patient code status prior to transport.
    • Checks transport log for (LH entity)
    • Reminds staff when (LH entity)
  • Uses appropriate isolation techniques and complies with universal precautions.
    • According to isolation posting, secures and dons appropriate protective equipment before entering patient’s room.
    • Removes their PPE and follows hand washing protocol before taking patient out of room.
    • Ensures patient is wearing PPE, when appropriate, before taking patient out of their room.
  • Stores and cleans transport equipment appropriately throughout the day.
    • Reports broken equipment.
    • Returns transport equipment to department when able.
  • Transport notification occurs predominantly by preset department patient schedules (i.e. physical therapy, radiology, etc.) dispatcher or universally for inpatient transport via phone, pager. Responds personally within 20 minutes of initial notification (if busy with another transport) or makes contact with another partner patient transporter for back-up on patient transfers, to most effectively move patients through the system in a timely fashion.
    • Goes directly to location/department for patient needing transported
    • Contacts the appropriate department as assigned for the shift (or the receiving department, as appropriate) or the Patient Transporter, Supervisor regarding unforeseen delays and possible reassignment of immediate transport responsibility.
  • Assists in coordinating patient trips.
    • Obtains permission from nursing staff for patient transport from one ancillary department to another.
    • Records in log when patient is taken between departments to alert members of patient transporter staff.

Ability to perform the Essential Functions listed on the Physical Conditions and ability to perform the Essential Functions on the Working Condition chart.

II. Specialty Essential Functions:

  • Communication with patients/family/department coworkers/ancillary departments and supervisors essential for the function of successful performance of this job.
    • Communicates effectively with patient/family, visitors and other members of the healthcare team
    • Maintains ongoing shift communication (daylight shift) with the Patient Transporter, Supervisor for patient delays, issues, problems and temporary reassignment as necessary to keep patient throughput efficient
    • Uses chain of command in the department effectively.
    • Maintains dignity and confidentiality of all patients encountered at Excela Health, directly or indirectly.
    • Ensures transport cell phone is working properly, transferring phone to patient transporter on duty or appropriate voice mail direction per Excela Health standards.
    • Responsible to check in with and assist co-workers with lift help or transport of difficult patients or volume patient load during any down-time period
  • Safely transport of patients within the hospital for testing, procedures, surgery, treatment or admission/discharge
    • Operate wheelchairs for safe transport of patients within the hospital, following patient safety practices
    • Operate transport carts for safe transport of patients within the hospital, following patient safety practices
    • Assist patients onto transport carts or into wheelchairs for in-house transport
    • Practice infection control procedures, per policy for infectious / isolation patients
    • Provide assistance for patients who become ill and need immediate attention (vomiting, CPR, etc.)
    • Coordinate proper transport of the correct inpatient (or outpatient) for assigned testing or procedure, including the correct medical record, as coordinated and assigned by the physician, and/or assigned registered nurse
    • Maintain patient privacy, dignity and confidentiality throughout transports and hospital stay per policy
    • Provide positive communication at all times with hospital patients
    • Keep daily productivity / patient transport log of all transports and activity.
    • Coordinate delivery of patients with receiving department, technicians, signing in at required log stations and reporting special needs of patients requiring special attention of the receiving department
  • Safely transports assigned equipment or specimens, as necessary and time allows, with patient transport being the hospital priority.
    • Assist nursing staff with specimen or special situation equipment transport, as assigned by Patient Transporter, Supervisor
    • delivery of stock oxygen tanks or regulators to pre-assigned departments
  • Provides in-house direction and customer service support for organizational excellence.
    • Assist hospital customers/visitors with directional information, as appropriate throughout the hospital throughout shift, as appropriate
    • Serves as greeter for visitors, patients and employees entering Excela Health. In addition to performing basic customer service and reception duties. Screens all visitors prior to entering and logs visitors in tracking program as appropriate.

IV. Marginal Functions: Defined as duties that are not essential in nature and do not take a considerable amount of time to complete (less than 10%).

  • Greet and assist patients/visitors as they enter the main entrance of the hospital.
  • Performs other duties as required.

V. Required Skills and Knowledge: Minimum level of education, skills and abilities necessary in performing the job.


  • HS Diploma, GED or equivalent knowledge

Certification / Licensure / Regulation:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) approved curriculum of the American Heart Association (CPR and AED) program Required
  • PA Act 153 Clearances (Act 34-PA Criminal Record Check from the PA State Police system, Act 33-PA Child Abuse History obtained through the Department of Public Welfare, Act 73-FBI Fingerprint screening)

Prior Experience:

  • None Required

Other Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Ability to communicate with all members of the health care team
  • Independent thinking and decision-making ability
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize assignments
  • Basic working knowledge of computers and office equipment
  • Must have working knowledge of cell phone usage

Preferred Factor:

These are job related enhancements that are preferred or would benefit the performance outcome of the job but are not essential or required for the job to exist.

  • Prior experience working with patients

The above job descriptive information is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by individuals assigned to this job. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities, as an employee may be assigned other duties other than described in this document

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