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Our Mission: The Mission of JWCH Institute is to improve the health status and well-being of under-served segments of the population of Los Angeles area through the direct provision or coordination of health care, health education, services, and research.

Dental Front Office-Dental Services Patient Representative

Program Dept: Dental

Reporting to: Dental Manager & Chief Dental Officer

FLSA Status: Non-exempt

Position Purpose:

Under the direction of the Dental Director, the Dental Front Office-Dental Services Patient Representative functions as a Wesley Health Center ambassador welcoming and attending to the needs of all patients and creates a positive front office experience by managing patient expectations while demonstrating compassion and respect. Also functions as an integrated member of the health care team by assisting in the delivery of patient-focused care. The DPSR/DA performs varied, moderately complex administrative and financial service support functions. This position exercises independent judgment and procedural knowledge in performing work duties within standard operating procedures. The DPSR/DA prepares and processes various financial documents and transactions for completion, accuracy and conformance with established policies, regulations and procedures. This includes composing and preparing correspondence. When applicable, the DPSR/DA assists in the preparation of reimbursement bills, audits, reviews performance with the Dental Manager and/or Clinic Administrator and assists in planning contractual and budgetary compliance. The DPSR/DA is tasked with ensuring accuracy of records and files; including the monitoring and maintenance of various record keeping systems.

This position is also responsible for assisting the dentist(s) in the direct provision of primary care dental services to patients at the clinic as needed.

Principal Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for greeting and verifying the purpose for the patient’s visit in order to determine patient priority.
(Use the TRIAGE Matrix)

2. At the start of each day the DPSR must check their inbox in EHR and check for any internal dental referrals and make 3 documented attempts to schedule the patients for a dental exam. Once the referred patient is scheduled the referral must be set as complete in EHR.

3. Eligibility verification and intake packets should be pre-screened a week in advance of the patient’s appointment.
If the patient is determined to be inactive with their insurance OR is missing required documents for their PROGRAM for example proof of income, la county residency, and/or Diagnosis Forms, the Dental Front Office Receptionist must call and advise the patient of insurance lapse and or the need to obtain and bring in necessary documents in advance of the scheduled appointment and the telephone call MUST be documented in EDR in detail. All verification of eligibility and registration forms must be entered into the Electronic Practice Management System.

4. Performs Financial Screenings for Dental Sliding Fee and possible enrollment into County or Government programs.

5. Responsible for collection of patient co-pays and payments, as well as daily reconciliation of their collections and
enters all transactions on EPM. Gives all payments to Clinic Administrator at the end of each day.

6. Responsible for monitoring patient wait times and proactively communicating with patients regarding their status during their visit.

7. Responsible for scheduling appointments to meet productivity goals of 20 scheduled appointments/provider (8-hour day) or 22 scheduled appointments for a 10-hour day.

8. Assigns RECALL MAINTENANCE with in EPM as indicated by Dentist at each Examination/Recall appointment.

9. Confirms all appointments 48 hours in advance and marks appropriately in EPM.

10. Prints out 3 copies of their assigned provider’s DAY TIMER appointment list 30 minutes before the end of each day for the next day and leaves 1 copy side down where the provider documents and another copy is given to the provider’s Lead Dental Assistant to help in preparation of instruments and trays for the next day and the 3RD copy is for the DFOC to pre-plan for any co-pays that are due by the patient and documented in the notes section of EPM appointment.

11. Maintains assigned provider’s Referral Log making sure patients receive referral documentation as needed and where appropriate provides Casewatch information to the dental provider. (ONLY LEAD DFOC, 1 ASSIGNED DENTIST
has access to CASEWATCH). Makes sure that patient pending dental treatment for referred patient is followed-up on at the end of each week.

12. Maintains a NO SHOW LOG/CANCELLATION LOG for their assigned provider and makes at least 3 attempts to contact the patient for follow-up.

13. Understands the Dental Broken Appointment Policy and can explain to the patient and enforces the policy with
patients who NO SHOW or cancel without notice on a frequent basis.

14. Closes Front Office-related Open Encounters on a weekly basis and communicates it to the appropriate Biller.

15. Prints out their provider’s unscheduled treatment plans and recalls at the end of each month for follow-up.

16. Responsible for telephone management and ensuring that all calls are answered courteously and promptly within 3
rings using Wesley Front Office Script and any issues are resolved as expected. Makes sure that all calls are returned within 1 business day.

17. Responsible for reviewing and preparing necessary patient paperwork such as registration forms and consents in advance of the visit.

18. Ensure clients receive reminder calls promptly to preserve high levels of retention.

19. Responsible for participating in the assigned Care Team’s Morning Huddle and foster open and positive communication with the patient care team, which can include but is not limited to the dentist, dental assistants, medical assistants, medical providers and other team members to ensure that the patient experiences a seamless transition between hand-offs and to ensure all patient needs are met.

20. Provides information including mailing out flyers to outside agencies regarding dental services provided at WESLEY Health Centers. Maintains a call list of outside agencies for potential referrals and follows-up with agencies on a monthly basis.

21. Maintains modern office practices, procedures and organization, as assigned.

22. Ensures accurate recordkeeping and computer systems; business accounting and bookkeeping.

23. Responsible for the collection of patient co-pays and payments, as well as the daily reconciliation of their

24. Responsible for monitoring waiting rooms and ensures that waiting areas are kept clean.

25. Provides reports and correspondence using basic business math skills, correct English usage, grammar, spelling and


26. Holds a high level of expertise in County, State, and Federal grants and/or dental billing as appropriate.

27. Communicates effectively both orally and in writing.

28. Continuously analyzes a variety of administrative and/or technical problems and makes effective recommendations.

29. Prepares accurate financial and statistical documents, reports, and correspondence.

30. Maintains a cooperative working relationship with the public, staff, and management.

31. Works independently and has the ability to organize, prioritize and coordinate work assignments.

32. Is sensitive to the needs of diverse cultures and populations including patients impacted by HIV/AIDS.

33. Other duties as assigned.

34. Serves as dentist’s chair-side assistant as needed.

35. Assists patients in resolving minor difficulties, answering their questions and giving directions to patients as authorized by the dentist.

36. Prepares operation procedures for patient treatment as per Dental Department protocols and the dentist’s directions.

37. Completion of dental radiographs in accordance with state regulations and law, as well as Dental Department directive’s and protocols.

38. Performs independent procedures as delegated by the dentist in accordance with state regulation, law, and Department directive’s and protocols.

39. Maintains all Dental Department equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s directions and Dental Department policy and protocol.

40. Maintains adequate operation of supplies and compiles a list of individual item shortages for inventory control and ordering purposes.

41. Maintains a daily list of all scheduled Dental Department patients, monitors patient flow, and assists the dentist(s) in assuring that all patient records and documents are properly and accurately completed and filed.

42. Insures the sterility of all reusable dental instruments and equipment in accordance with Dental Department directive’s and protocols.

43. Insures the proper disposal of all contaminated or potentially contaminated materials in accordance with Dental Department directives, clinic policy, as well as state and federal regulations.

44. Participates in appropriate health promotion / disease prevention activities, both on-site and off-site as required.

45. Maintains Dental Department compliance, relative to Infection Exposure Control, safety, and HIPPA as required by local, State, and Federal guidelines, Dental Department directives and protocols, and clinic policies and procedures.

46. Timely arrival at least 15 minutes prior to first appointment and daily attendance is a required function of the position.

Skills and Abilities:

1. Effective written and oral communication.
2. Comprehensive knowledge of dental assisting techniques and procedures for all phases of specialty and general dentistry.

3. Knowledge of modern dental materials, their storage, handling and applications.

4. Ability to work with persons from a wide diversity of social, ethnic and economic background.

5. Ability to work creatively with other health care professionals from a variety of disciplines to achieve maximal results

for the clinic’s patient, from a system of integrated primary health care.

6. Ability to multitask and prioritize assignments and responsibilities to ensure compliance with established deadlines and


Physical Requirements

1. Prolonged sitting or standing may be required. Those physical movements and the degree of mobility, manual dexterity

and hand-eye coordination normally associated with dental assisting in specialty and general practice dentistry will be

performed on a repetitive basis.

2. May require travel to sites/program and special functions.
3. Work under stressful conditions as well as irregular hours may be required.

Environmental Conditions Critical to Performance

1. Frequent exposure to communicable disease, body fluids, toxic substances, medicinal preparations, radiation and other

conditions common to a clinical environment may routinely be encountered.

2. OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Classification – Category I.

3. Utilizes appropriate Infection Control protocols.

4. May be exposed to low level radiation.
5. Will be exposed to outside environmental conditions while traveling.

Education and Experience:
1. High School diploma or GED certificate required.
2. Completion of accredited course in dental assisting.
3. X-Ray, infection control, coronal polish and current CPR and First Aid certificates required.

4. Bilingual: English /Spanish is required

1. Two years’ experience working in a dental front office area or front desk.
2. Two years’ experience working as a Dental Assistant

3. Current California Driver’s License and ability to drive to and from clinic sites.


1. Bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish.
2. Certification as a Registered Dental Assistant or Dental Assistant
3. Experience with working with preferably NextGen and/ or Dentrix.
4. One year of experience performing financial support duties

5. Dental Billing with two years of experience.
6. Knowledge of Ryan White Funding for Oral Health Services
7. CPR/First Aid Certificate required.

Employee Benefits
JWCH Institute, Inc., offers competitive salaries for all positions. Employees working 30 hours per week or more are provided a monthly allowance which can be used towards medical, dental, vision, and life insurance premiums. The agency offers sick leave and vacation accrual, 11 paid holidays, jury duty pay, mileage reimbursement, employee parking, direct deposit, credit union, and an employee assistance program. In addition JWCH offers a 401(k) Profit Sharing plan to employees who work a minimum of 1,000 hours per fiscal year.

Wesley Health Centers, JWCH Institute is an equal opportunity employer.

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