Medicaid Billing Coordinator- Nursing Facilities (Austin)

Our Mobile Dental office is looking for an experienced Biller for our mobile dental practice located throughout the State of Texas.
We service numerous Nursing Homes by providing high quality dental care to an Elderly population that, we feel, has essentially been ignored…. and We Are Changing That!!
If you feel passionate about all people needing access to high quality dental care, have ever wanted to really help people get access to dental care or even have had one of your parents or grandparents in a Nursing Facility… come help us help them.
The position requires filing claims for us to be paid for our services, following up on A/R due us from Nursing Facilities.

Knowledge of Nursing Facility billing, a Nursing Facility Business Office Manager or a Nursing Facility Assistant Business Office Manager are encouraged to apply.

$tarting $alary of $40,000-60,000+ with Medical Insurance and 401K Retirement.
Please reply with your resume and we will respond and set up an interview.

To Apply to this job Please go to website address given in Source below