Neurofeedback and Neurotherapy Assistant (palo alto)

We are an innovative and rapidly growing integrative psychiatry clinic in the heart of Silicon Valley, bringing together integrative psychiatry with advances in neurofeedback and neurostimulation to support patients with complex and chronic psychiatric conditions. Our staff is constantly learning so that we can provide our patients with the most up-to-date care. In addition to delivering excellent clinical services, we are engaged in research and educational opportunities. We are looking to hire a part time to build to full time Neurotherapy Assistant to administer a broad range of services to our clients. While previous experience with neurofeedback would be welcome, it is not required as training will be provided.

This position will offer opportunities to learn about and apply principles of psychiatry, neuroscience, and integrative medicine in a clinical setting under the supervision of a board-certified psychiatrist. While there are opportunities for growth and development in our clinic, this position would also be a good foundation for those who are planning on pursuing further studies in medicine, psychology, neuroscience, or other related fields.

Conducting initial QEEG and functional brain testing.
Running neurofeedback training sessions.
Being familiar with clients’ QEEG maps and how they correlates with symptoms.
Participating in meetings with supervisors to review patients’ progress, concerns, and updated QEEG maps.
Maintaining supplies and equipment for patient care.
Providing education about our services to potential patients.
Helping staff in creating forms for data collection, training guides, and materials for presentations and conferences.

Bachelor’s degree from a university in psychology, neuroscience, biology, social work, or related area.
Master’s degree beneficial but not required.
Work or volunteer experience in a mental health setting is a plus.

Our ideal candidate is:
Highly organized and detail oriented.
Empathetic and patient, especially with those who are chronically ill.
Interested in learning new material in a challenging and creative environment.
Interested in wellness and committed to self care.

To Apply to this job Please go to website address given in Source below