Veterinary Technician – Larimer Humane – Fort Collins, CO

Veterinary Technician

Job Title: Veterinary Technician

Department: Veterinary Services

Job Classification: Full-Time or Part-Time, Hourly, Non-Exempt

Job Reports to Supervising Veterinarian


General Purpose: Provides veterinary and administrative support for the Clinic

Veterinary Technicians provide clinical and administrative support for the Veterinary Services Department.

Schedules are full time and part time and may include weekend shifts.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Will assist with the surgical program including induction and intubation of surgery patients,
monitoring of patients from induction through recovery, preparation of supplies and instruments,
restraint of animals, and cleaning of the surgery suite

Maintains accurate computer and paper records for medications and treatments, enters data into
Chameleon database regarding animal care, medication, surgeries, and follow up; runs reports as

Performs dental cleanings

Performs physical exams on animals as part of the animal intake process

Performs basic animal assessment and triage to assist the veterinarian as needed

Administers treatment/medications to shelter animals and completes minor procedures such as
suture removal

Prepares and interprets basic diagnostic tests, such as fecal flotation, urinalysis, point-of-care tests,

and cytology

Performs euthanasia as assigned

Assists with care of animals in the shelter by cleaning cages, feeding, and other tasks as necessary

Supervises and assists with basic training of veterinary students, veterinary technician students,

and department volunteers

Performs duties such as laundry, cleaning instruments, and other tasks

Works alone, without other Veterinary Services Department staff, during assigned weekend shifts

Other duties as assigned

Job Qualifications:

1-2 years previous work experience in a veterinary clinic and/or animal shelter clinic required;
Previous surgical assistant experience required. Veterinary Technician Certification a plus

Must be proficient with intubation, IV catheter placement and IV injection techniques

Direct animal care experience is required: restraining animals, cleaning cages, administering
medication, etc.

Must be comfortable monitoring and quickly responding to anesthesia and assisting surgeon as

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