Ambulatory Surgery Center Clinical Director (downtown / civic / van ness)



Supervises daily clinical operations of the facility and manages the clinical and clerical staff in accordance with established Federal, State and accreditation regulations and guidelines, as well as established Pacific Vision Surgery Center policies and procedures. Oversees patient care activities in preoperative, postoperative and intraoperative. Purchasing of required supplies, controlled drugs, and equipment. Responsible for staff development, orientation and staff discipline and appraisals.


1. Current California RN license, BLS and ACLS.
2. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
3. Minimum three (3) years of ambulatory surgery clinical experience as a registered nurse
4. One (1) years of administrative/management experience

5. Master’s degree in healthcare, nursing or business-related field
6. Clinical and OR experience in ophthalmology
7. Experience with QA/The Joint Commission process for quality improvement


1. Interpersonal: Excellent communication skills; oral, written and presentation. Above average organizational skills. Demonstrates a positive, friendly, and courteous manner. Serves as a role model to other staff members. Actively participates in the development of a healthy work environment.
2. Critical Thinking: Demonstrates accountability, skill and knowledge to practice within scope of position responsibilities. Demonstrates an above average ability to organize, prioritize, analyze, anticipate, interpret, evaluate and problem solve to provide a safe, effective and functional environment. Ability to direct the activities of the staff and manage the personnel.
3. Knowledge: Working knowledge and experience in ambulatory surgery environment, preferably operating room, including direct patient care. Ability to adhere to work schedule and manage time appropriately. Ability to effectively manage the activities and personnel in the facility. Knowledge of current and emerging best practices in healthcare management including QAPI. Ability to utilize resources in an organized and effective manner. Knowledge of ophthalmology a plus.
4. Machines, Equipment, Work Aides: Standard operating room supplies and equipment. Computer, printer, copier, telephone and fax.
5. Physical Demands/Work Environment: See the Physical Demand Analysis form for information specific to this position.


1. Clinical Performance
• Participates in patient care activities adhering to the requirements of the Operating Room RN and/or the Preop/PACU RN job descriptions when providing direct patient care.
• Establishes implements and evaluates quality and standards of patient care in conjunction with medical staff and clinical staff.
• Develops patient care protocols, preoperative and postoperative assessment procedures, nursing policies and procedures, physician standing orders and standard discharge instructions.
• Evaluates nursing staff documentation and patient care through review of medical records.
2. Management of Resources/Inventory
• Schedules qualified staff to provide required coverage for patient care adhering to applicable guidelines.
• Establishes and oversees a system to ensure adequate supplies of controlled drugs,
• supplies, instrumentation and equipment are available to meet patient needs 100% of the
• time, within budgetary constraints.
• Coordinates appropriate use of human and material resources, being mindful of budgetary constraints.
• Provides adequate staffing coverage 100% of the time.
• Accurately verifies time worked through regular review of time and attendance records.
• Assures worked FTE ratio is within approved budget or appropriate justification is provided.
• Cancels staff appropriately according to established protocol when census is low in order to remain within budgetary limits.
• Supply inventory is maintained within approved budget.
• Oversees/coordinates obtaining and returning of borrowed/rented equipment and supplies in the most cost effective and timely manner.
• Ensures non-expired sterile packs and supplies are available 100% of the time for scheduled cases.
• Ensures no missing or unaccounted for controlled substances 100% of the time and controlled substances are accounted for in accordance with procedures established in conjunction with the pharmacy consultant.
• Identifies the need for and appropriately confers with the administrative staff on resource management issues.
3. Management of Facility/Staff
• Actively participates in planning and designing policies and procedures in collaboration with appropriate staff members.
• Budgets and allocates resources according to priorities and stays within established guidelines.
• Identifies work related improvement opportunities and analyzes them to identify causes and find solutions.
• Acts decisively to implement solutions to resolve critical issues or improve processes.
• Communicates clear understanding of job responsibilities, task objectives, deadlines and performance expectations.
• Disseminates relevant information about decisions, plans and activities to people that need it for job performance.
• Shares up-to-date information on center activities and policy changes in a timely manner.
• Evaluates the performance of individuals through timely completion of competency assessments and skill checks.
• Listens attentively to others. Tries to understand the meaning of the communication of others, perceives their needs and interests.
• Works in harmony with others as a team leader.
• Regularly meets deadlines related to individual as well as team performance on projects/assignments.
• Accepts full responsibility for his/her actions.
• Observes scheduled hours of work and puts in extra hours when necessary.
• Exhibits competence in staff selection.
• Provides a clear description of duties and responsibilities to staff.
• Provides department orientation to staff on an ongoing basis including safety training.
• Delegates tasks to qualified staff members.
• Adheres to established policies and procedures and sets an example of appropriate behavior.
• Discusses changes which directly affect individuals or general staff prior to change, encourages suggestions and invites participation in decision making, incorporating the
• ideas and suggestions of others.
• Allows staff to have substantial responsibility and discretion in carrying out work activities, handling problems and making important decisions.
• Provides coaching to facilitate an employee’s skill acquisition, professional development and career advancement.
• Facilitates the constructive resolution of conflict.
• Encourages cooperation, teamwork and job ownership.
• Provides praise, recognition, and appreciation for effective performance, significant achievements and special contributions.
4. Fiscal Management
• Assists in preparation of annual budget for Owner approval.
• Actively participates in budget/financial problem solving to promote fiscal responsibility.
• Directs staff to regularly consider opportunities for revenue increases and expense decreases.
• Budgets and allocates resources according to priorities and strives to stay within established guidelines.
5. Professional Development/Facility Promotion
• Develops contacts with people who are a source of information and support.
• Maintains contacts through periodic interactions including visits, telephone calls, correspondence, seminars and attendance at meetings and social events.
• May participate in activities that promote a healthy community.
• Demonstrates knowledge and professionalism with community and other organizational members.
• Provides timely response and resolution to client complaints.
6. Communication
• Listens respectfully, gives feedback directly, honestly and talks with others to clarify differences.
• Utilizes translation services when needed.
• Utilizes appropriate services when needed to communicate with employees and patients with speech and hearing disorders.
• Effectively communicates and interacts with patients, their family, and other external and internal clients (including fellow employees) from diverse backgrounds.
7. Quality
• Demonstrates a willingness to look at new ideas and work in a changing environment.
• Understands, verbalizes and participates in the quality improvement process.
• Supports initiatives designed to improve individual and organizational performance.
• Provides appropriate patient care across the age span
• Identifies and reports suspected child, spousal/partner, and elder abuse per protocol.

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