Professional Student Nurse

Job Details



Job Location

UTMB Galveston Hospital – Galveston, TX

Position Type


Education Level

High School

Salary Range

$15.00 – $17.00 Hourly

Job Shift


Job Category

Health Care



* To provide technical and supportive patient care functions for assigned specialty areas.


* Contributes to the success of UTMB Health Care Systems Staffing.
* Assists with the admission, transfer and discharge of patients.
* Assists patient with activities of daily living and provides support/comfort measures, incorporating the patient’s plan of care.
* Responds to call lights in a timely manner.
* Provides age appropriate interaction and care as defined in the Unit Addendum.
* Obtains vital signs.
* Uses aseptic technique and infection control measures in the performance of duties..
* Measures and records intake and output as appropriate.
* Prepares and assists patients undergoing treatments and examinations.
* Under the direction of a RN, provide other treatments and care to patients appropriate to training, as assigned.
* Accurately documents and communicates interventions and measurements.
* Communicates relevant information to appropriate health care provider.
* Assists in maintaining a clean and safe environment.
* Check equipment/supplies for expiration dates electrical safety tags, intactness and usability..
* Respects and supports patient/family rights.
* Practices principles of patient and employee confidentiality.
* Participates in and supports continuous quality improvement activities at the unit/departmental level.
* Demonstrates acceptable productivity and practices cost containment.
* Prioritizes and completes all work in an effective and efficient manner.
* Demonstrates initiative, resourcefulness and flexibility.



* Customer service orientation and values.
* Team player.
* Ability to maximize people and financial resources.
* Ability to work in partnership with management, staff, patient, and patient’s family


Education/experience includes the following:

* Current enrollment in UTMB School of Nursing program with completion of introductory nursing coursework first semester
* Letter of recommendation from UTMB SON Assistant Dean
* Must have current CPR certification (AHA)


* Able to use equipment and related supplies for a selected patient population
* Able to use mechanical devices as appropriate.
* Able to use related computer equipment


* Work environment is located in a comfortable indoor area.
* Conditions such as noise, odors, cramped work space and/or fumes could sometimes cause discomfort.Moderate to extreme physical effort such as walking, standing, performing CPR and lifting materials, equipment, objects and/or patients may be required.
* Occasional lifting may be heavy and awkward over 50 lbs.
* Vision, hearing, talking and sense of touch must be adequate to enable one to quickly and accurately perform tasks such as reading small print, defining details, sending and receiving clear and accurate oral communication.
* Frequent periods of concentrated or focused attention will be needed to interpret visual, auditory and sensory inputs.
* Shift work may be required.
* Alertness and careful attention to detail will be required to avoid injury.
* May be exposed to such occupational hazards as communicable diseases, radiation, chemotherapeutic agents and disoriented or combative patients.


* May be required to be on standby and work extended shifts in situations deemed necessary by the Chief Nursing Officer and/or Nursing Director.
* Specific job requirements or physical location of some positions allocated to this classification may render the position security-sensitive, and thereby subject to the provisions of Section 51.215, Texas Education Code.

To Apply to this Job, Please go to the website address given in the source.

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