Independent Living Skills Team Member – Peace of Mind of Duluth – Duluth, MN

Wage starts at $11.50/hour

Benefits include personal time off (PTO), mileage reimbursement, health and dental benefits,

retirement plan, and performance incentives.

The ILS Team Member is responsible for the health, safety, and protection of rights of each client

and resident at Peace of Mind. ILS Team Members implement the coordinated services and

support plan for clients and residents at Peace of Mind.


  • Understand and complete the procedure to respond to and report incidents that occur to

clients, residents, team members or Peace of Mind property

  • Understand and uphold HIPAA requirements
  • Know clients’ and residents’ service-related rights for participation in 245D program
  • Knowledge of protection-related rights for clients and residents

o Personal, financial, service, and health information is kept private

o Free from maltreatment

o Treat people with courtesy and respect and ensure respectful treatment for

people served at Peace of Mind

  • Knowledge of and implement daily the person-centered planning requirements
  • Know and follow Peace of Mind’s maltreatment policy and procedure
  • Basic first aid
  • Teach independent living skills (ILS) to adults and children as determined by their care

plan and community services and supports plan

  • Knowledge of ways to accomplish clients’ and residents’ goals and objectives for

continuing toward independence


  • Implement and adhere to daily use of person-centered planning
  • Safely and correctly use manual restraint on an emergency basis
  • Provide appropriate support in ILS

o Meal Planning preparation

o Paying bills

o Shopping for groceries, clothing, and other essential items

o Perform household tasks

o Communicate by telephone or other media

o Travel, including to medical appointments and to participate in the community

  • Assesses the ongoing quality of care for each resident

o Recognize and document clients’ and residents’ care, programming activities,

and clients’ and residents’ response to such care and activities

o Recognize, document, and address with appropriate personnel any concerns

regarding the client or resident and/or his/her care and programming

o Document implementation of goals, objectives, and outcomes

  • Supervise clients’ and residents’ daily interactions in Peace of Mind environment and

when outside of Peace of Mind


  • Follow Peace of Mind policies and procedures
  • Follow safety practices of Peace of Mind
  • Assist in medication setup and administration
  • Assist in mental health crisis, including de-escalation, crisis response, and suicide


  • Provide and assist in safety and supervision to residents when out on community

programming or social events

  • Socialize daily with clients and residents

Other Characteristics

  • Age 18 or older
  • Must be able to successfully meet physical abilities of each resident and specific house

needs without limitations

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Own a vehicle with proper insurance
  • Pass Minnesota Department of Human Services background check
  • Complete a minimum of 24 hours of annual training

To Apply to this job Please go to website address given in Source below

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